This is a collection of personal projects I’ve worked on in the past few years (and some quite old ones). You can find these in my github page along with some other projects that didn’t make this list.

Windows Projects

  • myShelf - A GoodReads client app. It contains your feed, and book shelves, you can check out friends’, author’s and book’s details pages, and most importantly, update your reading progress.
  • ZeroFlip - A quick game which feals like a blend of sudoku, minesweeper and picross (idea borrowed from one of the minigames available in NDS pokemon games). Built in XAML using bits of the Composition API.
  • MendoTools - A series of tools and helper classes I use in my UWP projects.
  • SimpleRest - A simple REST client for use in UWP project. Stripped down and modified from RestSharp.

Windows Phone Apps

These are quite old, naturally, and Windows Phone has been EOL’d but I thought it would still be worth listing these here anyway.

  • Muse - My very first windows phone app, built shortly after I left Uni. Basically puls news, tour dates and a gallery from the band’s website.
  • Stronglifts Tracker - Another old windows phone app. This one tracks your progress in the Stronglifts 5x5 workout program.

Web Projects

  • MacroTool - An Angular app that creates a meal plan based on your details. It’s algorithm will define a distinct macronutrient intake based on your percieved level of exertion for the days you go for a workout. See it live here (in progress)
  • FitMark - An Angular app that benchmarks your fitness level by adding your scores to a series of fitness tests. (in progress)
  • - this website. Just a simple site, built in Jekyll so I can have some virtual presence. I keep coming back to tinker with it.


  • Hackernews CLI - A quick project to test out how to build a CLI tool in .NETCore. Pulls teh top posts using HackerNews’s API.
  • win-provision - Scripts to help set up a freshly formatted windows machine (mostly) autonomously.

University Projects

  • DETI Interact - Project I built for my master’s theses at University. A WPF kiosk app that runs in a large display in the lobby of our department which allows users to connect to it via bluetooth and control the content that’s displayed. The purpose was to study how to allow users to remotely interact with content when no other means of interaction was available (i.e. no touchscreens).