My name is Filipe Duarte and I’m software developer. I’m Portuguese, currently living in London, and working for Paddle.

I try to blog mostly about dev stuff, from projects I’m working on, to problems and solutions I find while coding, with the occasion plug for an app or two I might put out there.

When I’m not coding, I can be found behind a good book, enjoying a good movie, pretending I can shread on my guitar, travelling with frinds, riding some waves or (stumbling down) some slopes, going to gigs, and occasionally the theatre, having a burger, or saving the world in some videogame.


I am currently a developer at Paddle, working on the Windows SDK. I hold a Masters in Computer Engineering from the University of Aveiro, in Portugal, where my love for programming began. I ended up writing my Masters’ dissertation on “Interaction with Large Displays in a Public Space via a Mobile Device” where I got to explore the world of Human-Computer Interaction and User Experience, and a bit of Computer Graphics on the side. The result is still in display in the university, and more details can be found in my Projects page.