DETI Interact

I would like to kick off my Projects ‘section’ by briefly detailing a bit of the work I did during my Master’s Thesis.

The idea behind this project was to replace the information displayed in a few public displays at the lobby of my department with something interactive. These were running a static webpage with news and lecturer information. The developed software would replace these webpages with dynamic content, and allow users to connect via mobile devices to interact with the system. I was free to use whatever technologies I wished, as long as I targeted Android for my mobile app, and used a few existing web services.



I decided to use this chance to learn WPF and dig deeper in to the .NET framework. The end result is a WPF application, which gets data from a server and presents it to passers-by, and an Android app that allows users to connect to the system and interact with the content. As an experiment I also added to the WPF application the Google Earth plugin, and a small XNA application, in order take advantage of some sensors available on current smartphones.

The source code for the WPF application can be found in codeplex.

Filipe Duarte

Filipe Duarte
Hi, I’m Filipe. I’m a Software Engineer, from Portugal, currently living in London, building stuff for NewDay.

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