Isolated Storage ... not that isolated?

A few weeks ago when I was at the //publish event in London I had some trouble getting my code to work properly. (continue reading...)

May 17th //Publish/London event

Yesterday I went to the //Publish event in London and it was quite awesome! It kicked off at 10am right after breakfast, and went on for 12 straight hours of coding. (continue reading...)

Windows Phone App - Stronglifts Tracker

I have new published app on the market! There’s still a lot of stuff I want to add to the app in the coming weeks/months, but it was ready for a v1 release. (continue reading...)

WP7 Image Manipulation

It’s been a while since I wrote something so here’s something I had in my backlog that had me scratching my head some time ago. (continue reading...)

OAuth1 using RestSharp in Windows 8

So I was cleaning up some code on my GoodReads Windows 8 app, and decided to give RestSharp another go. (continue reading...)

GoodReads Universal App Development - OAuth [Part 2]

And I’m back. In the previous post I briefly touched on how the API calls for GoodReads looked like, now I’m going to mention authentication. (continue reading...)

GoodReads Universal App Development - API [Part 1]

UPDATE: I actually started this app before universal apps were announced and was using PCLs for the shared bits, but I have since updated that project to a Universal App. (continue reading...)

WinRT Roaming Settings

One thing consider when developing apps is that we might need to have data persist between uses or even between devices. (continue reading...)