DETI Interact

Posted by fmendo on December 9, 2012

I would like to kick off my Apps ‘section’ by briefly detailing a bit of the work I did during my Master’s Thesis.

The idea behind this project was to replace the information displayed in a few public displays at the lobby of my department. These were running a static webpage with news and lecturer information. The developed software would replace these webpages with dynamic content, and allow users to connect via mobile devices to interact with the system. I was free to use whatever technologies I wished, as long as I targeted Android for my mobile app, and used a few existing web services.



I decided to use this chance to learn WPF and dig deeper in to the .NET framework. The end result is a WPF application, which gets data from a server and presents it to passers-by, and an Android app that allows users to connect to the system and interact with the content. As an experiment I also added to the WPF application the Google Earth plugin, and a small XNA application, in order take advantage of some sensors available on current smartphones.

The source code for the WPF application can be found in codeplex.