Windows 10 App - Zero Flip

So decided to build a quick game base off of Voltorb Flip from the pokemon NDS games. (continue reading...)

Android v Xamarin [Part 2] - First Impressions

As part of an ongoing project of mine, I build a very simple app to compare development on Android vs Xamarin. (continue reading...)

Android v Xamarin [Part 1] - Installation

Two things that have been on my to do list for a while were learning a bit more Android and Xamarin (continue reading...)

Jekyll on Windows

With a new year starting I tasked myself to get a bit more active with my current and upcoming projects, as well as this website, so I’ve been setting up my dev environment from scratch to start the year with a clean slate. (continue reading...)

Windows 10 App - MyShelf

I finally published my Goodreads client: myShelf. It has actually been on the store for a while, but I just haven’t had time to do a quick write down on it. (continue reading...)

Exception retargeting app to WP8.1

Very quick post here. So I recently retargeted a WP8 app to WP8.1 (Silverlight) and tried adding a background task (continue reading...)

Audio Encoding troubles in WinRT

Recently I’ve had to do some audio recording within a WinRT app, which is usually a fairly simple task as is demonstrated right here. (continue reading...)

Isolated Storage ... not that isolated?

A few weeks ago when I was at the //publish event in London I had some trouble getting my code to work properly. (continue reading...)